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A Dream Come True

It's hard to believe that one of my life-long dreams is about to come true. Going to the Super Bowl is one of those things that we used to dream about when we were kids. Now it's about to happen. It's amazing what can happen when you stay focused and follow your dreams...
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We Are The Champions!

I don't know where to begin. It's hard to believe that I am a Super Bowl Champion! Just to play in the Super Bowl was a dream come true, but to win it all? Words can't even describe it. Through all my years of playing football, I have never won a championship. I must say, it was worth the wait. I will never forget February 2, 2014. Super Bowl XLVIII...
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A Beautiful Day in Darrington

This week I had the opportunity to visit families who have been affected by the tragic mudslides in Oso, Washington with Jermaine Kearse, Malcolm Smith, and players from the Sounders soccer team. It was a beautiful day in Darrington and an experience that I will never forget...
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Portland State Grads in Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of pro football, and the Portland State Vikings have more players in this year’s big game than Auburn, Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio St. combined....
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Fast Five With DeShawn Shead

As a kid what athlete did you look up to? As a kid I looked up to Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, Jerry Rice.
The loudest place to play would be? The loudest place to play is definitely in Seattle!
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Shead Returns To PSU A Super Bowl Champ

DeShawn Shead returned to the campus of Portland State University just weeks after becoming a Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks...
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DeShawn Shead: From PSU To Celebrity Status

DeShawn Shead stands in the Portland State football offices wearing a Seattle Seahawks sweatsuit and one of the biggest smiles the building has ever seen...
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DeShawn Shead Visits Portland State

Former Portland State defensive back and current Super Bowl Champion DeShawn Shead paid a visit to the Portland State Athletics offices on Thursday...
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1 on 1 With Deshawn Shead

Former Portland State Viking DeShawn Shead was back in the Rose City this week and the Seahawks Super Bowl champ chatted with Fox-12.
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Palmdale honors Super Bowl champ DeShawn Shead

The Palmdale City Council honored DeShawn Shead, a Highland High School graduate and member of the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks.
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DeShawn talks Super Bowl on the Big League Chef Show

Check out the interview with DeShawn on the Big League Chef Show with Eddie Robinson on 810 CBS Sports Orlando.
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DeShawn visits Palmdale after the Super Bowl

Check out the video of DeShawn's return home to Palmdale to visit family, friends, and former coaches.
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DeShawn and the Seahawks visit Darrington

DARRINGTON — It's not every day a group of high school students gets to teach the reigning Super Bowl champions a thing or two.
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